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Wound Care

Acriflavine in Glycerine 1:1000 2 5l Acriflavine in Glycerine 1:1000 500ml Acriflavine HCL 25g powder Acrisulph 50g Acrisulph 500g
Betadine ointment 25g Blitzdip aerosol 350ml Chrom Catg Sut Abs 0 150cm 12's Chromic Catgut Sutures USP 0 100m Chromic Catgut Cassette 2/0 100m
Chrom Catg Sut Abs 3/0 12's Chromic Catgut Casette 3/0 100m Chrom Catg Sut Abs 0 75cm+ndle 12's Chrom Catg Sut Abs 2 75cm+ndle 12's Chrom Catg Sut  Abs 2/0 75cm+ndle 12's
Cevatet spray 200ml Chromic Catgut Sutures USP 3 50m Chromic Catgut Sutures USP 1 75m Chromic Catgut Sutures USP 2 50m Cottonwool Balls 1g N/Sterile 500g
Cuticell 10x10 10's Debrizyme Spray 150ml Dermavet Ointment 100g Dermavet Ointment 20g Difly woundspray 250ml
Engemycin spray 200ml First aid off & home Flamazine 500g Hoof and sole hardener aerosol Intrasite Gel 15g 1's
Intrasite Gel 25g 1's Jelonet 10x10 10's Jelonet 10 x10 x36 Ligasano Horse Wound Pack 10's 50x20x2 Miracle Comfrey Cream 150ml
Miracle Comfrey Healing Oil 100ml Miracle Comfrey Ointment 150ml Miracle Comfrey Ointment 250ml Miracle Comfrey Ointment 30ml Miracle Comfrey Ointment 50ml
Miracle Comfrey Ointment 500ml Miracle Comfrey Ointment 60ml Miracle Comfrey Pile Eeze Caps 30's Necrospray NF Nylon 1 100cm+ndl 1/2 rcut 12's Gabler
Nylon 3/0 12's (Seralon) Nylon 4/0 45cm 3/8 RC 13mm ndle 12's Nylon 3/0 Seralon Cassette Mono Nylon 2/0 12's (Seralon) Nylon 3 Mono Dafilon 75m
Nylon 3 Seralon Cassette Mono Nylon 1 Dafilon Casette Mono Nylon 2/0 Seralon Casette Mono Nylon 4/0 Seralon Casette Mono Nylon 0 100cm+ndle 12's
Nylon 1 100cm+ndle 12's Nylon 2 100cm+ndle 12's Nylon 2/0 45cm 3/8 REVC 26mm ndle 12's Nylon 3/0 45cm+ndle 12's Nylon 4/0 45cm+ndle 12's
Panthox Spray 200ml PGA / Viamac Abs Sutures 0 70cm 12's PGA / Viamac Abs Sutures 2/0 70cm 12's Podine / Dermadine Ointment 25g Proudflesh Powder 50g
Scotchcast plus 100 x 3.6 Silbecor 1% Cream 500g Silbecor 1% Cream 50g Spurgicell 1 25cm x 5cm J&J 1's Stockholm Tar 1L
Stockholm Tar 500ml Stockholm Tar 5L Supramid USP 0 100m Supona spray 385ml PGA / Viamac Abs Sutures USP 3/0 135cm
PGA Abs Sutures USP 3/0 15m Terramacyin Aerosol 150ml 200g PGA / Viamac 6/0 Taper 13mm 12's Woundsept aerosol 350ml Woundine 1L
Woundine 500ml Woundine 5L Wound oil 1L (S) Wound gel powder for fish 30g