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Activated Charcoal 500g Bloat Guard Drench 500ml Canigest Oral Paste 30ml Darrows Solution 250ml Darrows Solution 2 5L
Digesteaze 250g Hydraid Extra WS Powder 12's Kaolin Levis 500g Kyrogest Forte powder 20 x 190g Kyrogest Antacid 12 x 320g
Laxapet 50g gel Lectade Sachets 12's PPR Powder 1 x 4 x 450g Pro-Kolin 30ml Pro-Kolin 15ml
Protexin 250g Protexin 1kg Protexin 60g Protexin premium (Equine) 300g Replensol Powder 4x250g
Rumix powder 4 x 100g Serimmun Pet 15ml oral paste Stoplaks NF Powder 100g Sulphaneostrep Suspension 500ml The Antidote 10 x 150g