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Five Star ID Butterfly Five Star ID Gun

Five Star ID Luer Lock

Five Star ID Syringe

Five Star ID Disposable Five Star ID Real Trace Reader Trovan implanter IM100 Identipet Ralogun Implant Gun

Identipet Implant FDX A 12/14mm Carousel

Identipet Ralogun Implant Gun Needle Identipet microchips 1's (1-99)

Identipet microchips 1's (100-499) Identipet microchips 1's (1000 and over)
Identipet microchips 1's (500-999) Identipet Pocket reader (Batteries)

Identipet Pocket reader EX Rechargeable

Identipet MPR reader

Identipet DTR 4 reader
Identipet microchips 12mm 1's UP (1-99)

Identipet Ralogun Unpacked chip 500-1000 Trovan implanter heavy duty Trovan microchips 1's