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Sable Feeder


Option A: Gravity Feeder
• Height 155cm
• Top Diameter 116cm
• Feeding Bowl Diameter 94cm
• 300kg capacity
• Refill Once weekly
• Constant, fresh food supply
• Easy to transport
• UV protection
• 5 Year Warranty

Option B: Auto Feeder
• Height 155cm
• Top Diameter 116cm
• Feeding Bowl Diameter 94cm
• 150kg capacity
• Automatic time controlled
• Solar-powered battery pack
• Controlled feeding times (up to six times a day)
• Optimal feed intake
• Reduced wastage
• Conditioning of animals - fixed feeding times
• No feed available during night - protects against scavengers
• Master and slave feeders available
• Can be created to gravity feeder

The Sable Feeder is a brand new product designed for the needs of game and live stock farmers. Developed in conjunction with an established game farmer, the range of feeders integrates innovative design with first-hand knowledge of the industry to address the typical problems associated with traditional, steel feeders. These feeders are highly durable and UV resistant products carry a five year warranty. A key benefit of the feeders lies in their circular design which makes it possible to feed more animals simultaneously. Their compact and lightweight design enables hassle-free transport of feeders from one camp to another, saving time and labour.

Each feeder can easily be filled from the top of a bakkie, whilst a sturdy lid protects feed against contamination and the elements, (sun, rain and wind), thereby minimising wastage. Once weekly refills of the feeders results in significant savings in time, labour and costs.

Slave option: Save cost on multiple feeders by having only one master with timer and solar-panel and up to 3 slaves without. Slaves are connected by a cable which is buried under ground to a maximum distance of 15m away from master, this is to eliminate rivalry, dominance - (Sables - dominant in Bulls, Buffalo - dominant in cows) and calves all can feed at once.