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Buffalo Feeders


Option A: Gravity Feeder
• Height 112cm
• Silo Diameter 116cm
• Feeding Bowl Diameter 190cm
• 1 Ton capacity
• Longer Intervals between refills
• Constant, fresh food supply
• Easy to transport
• UV Protected

Option B: Auto Feeder
• Height 121cm
• Silo Diameter 116cm
• Feeding Bowl Diameter 190cm
• 550kg capacity
• Automatic time control
• Solar-powered battery pack
• Controlled feeding times (up to six times a day)
• Optimal feed intake
• Reduced wastage
• Conditioning of animals - fixed feeding times
• Master and slave feeders available
• Can be converted to gravity feeder

The Buffalo feeder is the first and, at present, the only product of its kind on the market. Its robust, highly durable design makes it suitable for large game species and cattle. This feeder can be used either in the open field or in a manger. The shape and width of the feeding trough has been designed in order to minimise wastage by making it virtually imposable for buck to toss the feed around. This feeder can be manufactured with a built-in roof. Alternatively, the roof can be ordered separately.

The Auto feeder offers the option to make use of the so-called master and slave system. Here, the master feeder (hub of the system's electronics and solar-powered battery pack) triggers the release of the feed by the slave feeders at the pro-programmed feeding times.

Slave option: Save cost on multiple feeders by having only one master with timer and solar-panel and up to 3 slaves without. Slaves are connected by a cable which is buried under ground to a maximum distance of 15m away from master, this is to eliminate rivalry, dominance - (Sables - dominant in Bulls, Buffalo - dominant in cows) and calves all can feed at once.