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Medical O2 Cylinder

Anaesthetic Connector/Adaptor Set Forceps Adson 1/2 tooth 12cm Agfa CPG Plus X-Ray Film 18x24cm - 35x43cm Ambu Bag Large

Puls Oximeter Transflective Probe Puls Oximeter with Transflective Probe Clipper Blade Andis #40 Clipper cordless vet pack Andis Apron Disposable material each
Apron Green PVC 70 x 110cm Autoclave non electric

Autoclave Tape 24mm

Axe hand short plastic handle Ayers T-Piece Circuit

Bark Control Collar

Immobilizer Vice Grip Battery Butchers knife 25cm

Shaving Blade  Minora 5's

Bayer Mouth Gag

Bull nose ring copper 3

Bone cutter stille liston 27cm Bone pins 1's

Burdizzo 23cm

Burdizzo 40cm - 47cm

Collar Click Buster 7.5cm - 30cm Calving chain

Calving / Embriotomy chain handles Cardell 9500 w/CO2 probe Castrating Aesculap 450mm
Catheter Cat
3FG - 4FG
Catheter Dog
6FG - 8FG
Electrosurgery Unit with 7 ElectrodeTips Eazi-Breed CIDR Applicator Bovine Eazi-Breed CIDR Applicator Sheep
Mini-Cauteriser portable  cordless Closamectin 12.5ml applicator gun Debudder Copper Heavy Dehorner Keystone

Dehorner Keystone blades set
Dental Elevator (Y1309)

Dental Root Elevator (Y1310) Desmarres Eyelid Retractor Scissors stitch removal

Microscope Nikon E100

Scrubling brush autoclavable Forceps Dissecting rattooth 15cm Drape (Fenest, [non]Fenestrated, Plain) Different Sizes Dark room safelight PVC Ear Notcher V
Medium and Large
Egg flotation kit 10's

Immobilizer El Toro 3 Immobilizer El Toro 3 Ram Probe Calving / Embryotome Wire Introducer Calving / Embryotome Knife Linde (Y2825)
Calving / Embryotomy wire ET Tube Red Rubber Cuffed 4mm - 16mm ET Tube Silicone Cuffed 3mm - 30mm ET Tube 18mm

ET Tube PVC  Cuffed 3mm - 11mm
ET Tube Silicone + Connector 12FG ET Tube Cook 16mm

ET Tube Plastic Cuffed 4.5mm - 9mm Exam Table

Examination Table S/Steel 110x55x93cm
Facemasks surgical with ties 3ply
50's - 100's
Facemasks surgical N95 for virusses 20's Feeding bottle
60ml - 120ml
Feeding Tubes
20FG - 12FG
Feeding bottle  teat & brush 60ml - 120ml
Finger toothbrush

Fire Blanket Asbestos

Forceps Spencer Wells 12.5cm - 20cm straight Forceps Spencer Wells 12.5cm - 18cm curved Forceps Spencer Wells Artery 25cm Y1722
Forceps Elmed Allis Tissue 15cm Feeding Tube Silicone
12FG - 20FG
Gloves Nitrile Latex+Powder Free
S - XL 100's
Gloves Latex N/S Pwd
S - XL 100's (Semp)
Gloves Medigrip Powdered 7.5 50's
Gloves Rectal Krutex Green 100's Gloves Rect Krutex Green+Protector 50's Gloves Rectal Krutex Orange 100's Gloves Rectal Krutex Orange+Protector 50's Gloves Rectal Krutex Yellow 100's
Gloves Rectal Krutex Yellow+Protector 50's Gloves Rectal Nublu 100's Y2000 Gloves Latex Sterile #6 50's Gloves Latex Sterile No Powder 7.5 - 8 25's Gloves Latex Sterile Pwd 8.5 50's
Forceps dressing 15cm 1/2 toothed Grid 8:1 ratio 85pi parallel 35 x 43cm Forceps Mosquito Artery Cvrd 12.5 Forceps Mosquito Artery Str 12.5 Heparin Lock (Vygon) 100's
Hoof Trimmer Compound Action 40cm Hoof and Claw Plier Foot Rot Shear For Sheeps Hoof Trimmer Blade Set  Y2217 Instrument Table Mayo S/Steel
Instrument tray 45x30x5 Instrument trolley 457x910 Intra-uterine swabs 1's Jumbo Roll 165 x 1500 KI AI Wooden Box
Kidney Dish S/Steel 30cm KI Lube 2L Kim-Dry Medical Large 508 x 444 9's Kim-Dry Medical Small 254 x 444 12's KI Pistolette Holder
KI Pipette 25's KI Pistolette Medium KI Pistolette Mini KI Sheaths 50's KI Sheath Holder
KI Sheep full set KI Sanitary Sheaths 100's Butchers boning knife Butchers filleting knife Kongskilde  Stone Bear  03277753
Laryngoscope 4 Blades Curved Laryngoscope 4 Blades Straight Laryngoscope Miller Blade 195mm #3 Cardell Max - 12 HD Mayo Safety Pin
Scissors Mayo Curved 17cm Scissors Mayo Straight 14cm & 17cm McMaster Slide 2 Chamber Mobile examination light Metal Detecter Garret Ace 250 Sportspack
Heated manual film processor Devpro 90s Mouth Gag Grey Feline Microhematocrit tubes 40mm 100 s Microscope coverslips variety of sizes 200's Microscope Olympus Model CX21
Microscope slides 72.s ground edge Microscope slides BE frosted 50's (L) Microscope slides BE Plain 50's Midwest M1 Snake Hook 76cm & 1m Midwest M1 Snake Tong 1m & 1.3m
Mobile stand - portable for x-ray unit Muzzle Nylon
S - M - L - XL
Nail clipper colour handle Nail clipper heavy duty small and large Nail scrubbing brush sterilizable
Needle Holder Mayo Hegar Tungsten
16cm & 18cm
Needle Holder Olsen Hegar Tungsten
14cm & 16cm
Needle Holder Olsen Hegar T/C 19cm Y2765 Needle Holder Olsen Hegar S/S 19cm Needle Holder Mayo Hegar 16cm
Nose Twitch Equivet
Horse & Cow
Medical O2 carry case (green) Medical O2 mask & tubing adult - 40% Medical O2 regulator silver dial a flow Medical O2 Unit Complete
Oster Clipper Blade
#1 - #40 - #50
Clipper Oster Golden A5 Otoscope & Opthalmic Kit Pipette Pasteur 3ml Plastic 500's Penrose Drain
12mm & 6mm 1's
Pet Nursing Kit

Pipette Pasteur Grad 3ml 500's Pipette Tips CLR Maxy 1-200UL 960's Pipette Tips Easy-Pack D5000 1000's Pleximask Canine 13cm

Pleximask Feline 9cm

Post Mortem Blade #40 10's Post Mortem Handle #40 Post Mortem Set Y6100

Forceps dressing 15cm plain
Prodder Kawe

Puls Oximiter VE-H100B Veterinary Edan Immobilizer RAU + 220V Charger Rebreather Bag
1L - 30L - 4L - 6L
Redmark i/v splint - full set
Refractometer Reflector tape 4m Resuscitation bag Large Resuscitation bag small Rodney's Retractor Gelpi 18cm (sharp tips)
Retractor Weitlander Biopsy Punch 4mm - 8mm TB TT Caliper (Spring & Dial ) Thermometers Rectal 1's Rumen magnet
Scalpal blade #20 100's Scalpel blade #22 100's (Swannmort) Scalpel blade #23 100's (Swannmort) Walk on scale 280790 for clinical use Scalpal blade #21 100's
Scalpal Handle # 3 Scalpal Handle # 4 Scalpal Blade Skin Graft 158mm 10's Scissors Standard Straight S/B13cm Y3410 Scissors blunt 13cm straight
Scissors large gut 17cm Scissors Metzenbaum Curved 14.5cm Y3461 Scissors blunt blunt 13cm curved Scissors Sharp/Sharp Curved 20cm Scissors Mayo Curved 14cm Y3426
Scissors Mayo Straight 14cm Y3430 Scissors Standard Straight S/S13cm Y3411 Scissors Standard Straight S/S15cm Y3414 Scrub Dispenser metal with epoxy coating Serra Emasculator
Sharps Away
1L - 10L - 5L
Butchers sharpening steel Shoe covers disposable 50's Skaapsker Drummerboy Scalpel blade #15 100's (Swannmort)
Scalpel blade #20 100's (Swannmort) Scrub Dispenser S/Steel Spay Cradle 2 Bars Spay Hook 17cm Complete Spay Set
Spay Set Pouch Green Y1435 Speculum Plexiclass 40x300 Sterilizing Film Blue Nylon 30cm Steam Sterilizing Indicators 10's Steri Wrap Blue 1200x1200
Steri Wrap Green 900x900 Sterilization Packs
Variety of sizes 50's
Stethoscope Doctor Stethoscope Littmann CIIS.E Membranes Stethoscope Littmann Classic II S.E.
Stomach Tube(Rucenta)
Faol - S - M - L
Scalpal blade 100's
#10 - #15 - #22 - #24
Forceps Spencer Wells Artery Str 15cm & 18cm Tablet bags white
100's & 1000's
Tablet introducer
Obstetric Wire Guide Heavy Tape Measure 150cm / 60 inch Tattoo 4 Space Applicator Tattoo Letter Tattoo Numbers 0 - 9
Tattoo 6 Space Applicator TB TT Mclintock syringe 20d x 1ml Teats Calf Latex Teats Lam Latex Teat Syphon (Milk Cath)
Theatre Caps with ties 100's Theatre gowns dispaosable 1's Theatre Gown Long Sleeves Green XL Thermometer Digital 1's Thermometer M700 Digital
Theatre light bulb 11540 BX22D Theatre light L734-11 mobile 4 reflector Tongue Depressors 100's Towel Clip Backhaus 13cm T-Piece connector *1984
ERG Two Pin Plug Cattle Trocar and cannula Tube S/Cap C/B CLR 1.5ml 500's Tube S/Cap B-Capunassembled 5ml 500's Tube Clear cap 1.7ml 1000
Umbilical tape  6mm x 18m Butchers knife Victrinox 31cm Vetsink tub table complete Wallmount Paper Towel Roll Holder Weigh band cattle
Weingart Frame Y3900 Weingart Tenaculi Y3901 Weingart Vulsellum FCP Y3902 Woods Lamp Portable Wusthof Sharpening Steel 26cm
Wusthof Sharpening Steel D/E 26cm X-Ray SY-110-HF PHF unit 110Kv/40ma X-Ray film green 100's
24cm - 30cm - 43cm
Anaest adult circuit 2L bag with pipe Anaesthetic T-tube