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Helitic applicator

Acatak Pour-On 5L

Insect and dustmite killer

Amigard Spray Dip 20L

Tick off applicator
Tick Off Dip Amipor 10L Amipor 1L Amipor feedlot pack 25L

Amipor 25L

Amipor 5L Bayopet Collar Cat

Bayopet Collar Large Dog

Bayopet Collar Small Dog

Bayticol 1L
Bayticol 5L

Bayticol Aerosol 240ml

Bodyguard Pour on dip 1L Clout 20L

Coopers Redline 1L

Coopers Redline Pour on 20L

Coopers Redline Pour on 5L

Cyperdip 20% 20L Dazzel 5L

Daz-Dust 2% 500g

Drastic Deadline 20L

Drastic Deadline 1L

Drastic Deadline 5L

Delete Pour on 20L

Delete All Pour-on 1L

Delete All 20L

Delete Pour-on 5L

Delete Pour-on 1L Duncan applicator Ecomectin 1% Inj 50ml

Ectodex 100ml

Ektoban 1L

Envirovet 500ml

Exspot Spot-On 20 x (2x1ml)

Flego Aerosol 500g

Footsack Spray 200ml

Karbadust 500g

Paintballs with Flumethrin 5% 125kg Paintballs with Flumethrin 10% 250kg Paintballs with Flumethrin 2.5% 62.5kg
Paracide 500ml

Paracide 5L

Pouracide nf 500m

Pouracide NF 1L

Pouracide NF 20L

Preventic Collar 6's

Preventic Collar 12's

Quadrepel 5L

Stride Insect Dispenser Stopatik pour on

Tick Grease 500ml (S)

Tick Grease 2L

Tick Grease 500g (A)

Tick-off dip 10liter Tick-off dip 20liter
Tick-off machine

Triatix 125 200ml

Triatix 125 5L

Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder 100g

Ultrum Plus Sjampoo 250ml

Ultrum Original Shampoo 250ml

Ultrum Duration 350ml Amigard Spary dip 500ml Amigard Spray dip 1L