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Transmitter Daninject Sleeve Transmitter Daninject 150MHz Transmitter Daninject New with Spring Transmitter Battery 377 1.55v Battery CR2032/3V

Barrel 13mm

Barrel 13mm Pistol Blowpipe 1.25m De-venting pin

Blowpipe syringe 1.5ml needle 1.2 x 38mm
Blowpipe Needle
1.2 x 25mm
Blowpipe Needle
1.2 x 38mm
Syringe Protection
Barrel 13mm Pistol adapter Coupling only
LYNX Red Dot
Sight RDC1
Daninject JM Special
NcStar Green
Reflex Sight
CO2 Cartridge
16g and 72g
O-Rong for
CO2 Cartridge
Pole Syringe
Strong Nylon
Dart Syringe Without
Needle 1.5ml - 10ml
Lock screw (R-pin)

Silicone Oil 10ml

Pole Syringe
Needle Plain
(Variety of Sizes)
Needle Barb
(Variety of Sizes)
Needle Collar
(Variety of Sizes)
Needle Round Collar
(Variety of Sizes)
Needle Biopsy
(Variety of Sizes)
Sleeves Green

Sleves Red